Born out of a writing group at the Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University, we are a collective of PhD and Mres students, whose interests range across the fields of photography, painting, nomadic thinking in art practice, history, fashion, writing and devolution.

Nothing Abandoned  explores the notions of the unfinished, returning, learning to fail and learning to create through our failures. The project will consist of a series of workshops, guest speaker presentations and screenings and an off-site exhibition. 

What is the ‘able’ in respond-able and how can this be a premise for hopefulness and action? In not abandoning how do we then set out to ‘hold dear’?

Our aim is to bring together various perspectives in response to these questions to initiate and instigate conversation across the schools of arts and humanities.

Nothing Abandoned are:

Mor Cohen
Bob Dickinson
Jenny Eden
Jackie Haynes
Rebecca Howard
Phillipa Jackson
Isabel Taube
Liz Wewiora
Frances Williams
Sophie Wood